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A Pediatrician's Guide to Travel and Outdoor Recreational Activities

  • Children/Air Travel/Ear infections/Prevention/Treatment
    Should children fly with ear infections and colds? 1. No studies exist to help you make the decision. While saying “no” is prudent, doing so ruins long planned family t...
  • Children/Safety/Crossing streets
    The number of children eight years of age and older injured or killed in pedestrian accidents is increasing, some from causes that did not exist a few years ago, says the America A...
  • Children/Travel/ADHD/Medication
    For children who take medication for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is discontinuing their medication for travel a sensible option? Here are some thoughts: 1. You&...
  • Planning for your child to be a UM traveler?
    What is a UM traveler, you ask? In airline talk, a UM (usually pronounced “U. M.” but sometimes “um”) is an Unaccompanied Minor traveling without an adult, with airline per...

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